Makola Business School is a competency-based training institution for micro, small and medium enterprises in industry and at the market place. We are in the interim specialized in professional sales training.We started as a team of professional salesmen and trainers, building the capacity of the entry-level sales force for micro and small enterprises since 2005. Having proven our training and churned out successful salesmen and women, Makola Business School was incorporated in January 2019 as a limit liability company. We currently focus on professional sales training of all levels, other training, SME consultancy, new product launch, sales consultancy and management. We have the mission of building the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises at the market place and in industries, especially in sales.We see ourselves training people in professional sales and other aspects of business competence, build the capacity, develop and consult for micro, small and medium enterprises in Africa to become world-class companies.Mutual respect, non-discrimination, bridging language and academic gaps, mutual benefit and client fulfilment are our core values.